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Puntocom ltd was born from an idea of Mr. Tarcisio Baccega also called “Attila,” which exercising activities of maritime expeditions from Italy for more than 30 years, since 1983, knows the truth of African immigrants and with some skill understands that he can develop a strong movement of shipments in west africa, noticing great interest to send in the goods products to be shipped, known by Nigerians, a strong interest in the trade in general, arrived in Lagos since 1993 and opened a small company that did not guarantee a great development, but in 2003 he realizes that Nigerians have a big interest for things with design and quality, in his thought there was an opportunity to start a company and go to work and live in Nigeria, after some uncertainty, in 2006 decided to establish Puntocom ltd and get contact with reality in Lagos Nigeria and represent only Italian companies in nigeria.


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