About Us

OnYourPalm is an offspring of Crested Business Directory.

Onyourpalm.com helps people and enterprises find great companies that meet their everyday needs and requests. It is an online information platform that connect people, ideas and business entities together with the sole aim of making the Nigerian society a better and friendlier place to connect and interact for businesses.

With profiles of several business contacts, it serves two major purposes to visitors:

1.  An online search engine of companies and business contacts in Nigeria.

2.  A platform where you can connect with prospects, customers, suppliers, associates and competitors on how to increase customer-base, deliver excellent services, increase sales, enhance productivity, boost income and access business information.


OnYourPalm is intended to bridge the gap between:

—the Uninformed and the Informed

—the Unwise and the Wise

—the Average and the Exceptional

—the MSMEs and the Big Corporates

—the Entrepreneurs and the Multinationals

—and other social strata.


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Office:         15, Kodesoh street, Ikeja, Lagos.

Email:            info@onyourpalm.com      or      databank@onyourpalm.com
Twitter:          twitter.com/OnlyOnyourpalm
Facebook:    www.facebook.com/onyourpalm
Call:               08033349685, 08121909911, 08188531733.


The Initiative is manage by a team of resourceful and passionate impact-centered individuals and the Lead Consultant is Dele Gbolade.

The Inspirations, Conceptualisations and Manifestations are Divine.





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