Access Bank Plc appoints two new Directors to the Board

November 14, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News

Mr. Seyi Kumapayi

Mrs. Omosalewa Fajobi

Access Bank Plc has confirmed the appointment of Mr. Oluseyi Kumapayi and Mrs. Omosalewa Temidayo Fajobi as Executive Director and Non-Executive Director respectively.

Mr. Seyi Kumapayi until his approved appointment by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) was the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Access Bank Plc.

The appointment of Mrs. Omosalewa Fajobi as Non-Executive Director of Access Bank Plc is an addition to her other corporate board membership she has with companies such as: Coronation Insurance Plc, Tengen Holdings Limited, OPTG, One Terminal Limited, etc.


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