Dr. Eugene Ohu – Lagos Business School

August 12, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News

Dr. Eugene Ohu

The Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF) has awarded a grant of $234,000 to Dr. Eugene Ohu of Lagos Business School, to conduct a two-year virtual reality research. The grant was awarded under TWCF’s Global Innovations for Character Development (GICD) initiative, and the research project is titled “Teaching Children Empathy and Compassion through Virtual Reality Games”.

The TWCF funded two-year intervention and research project seeks ways to grow the character traits of empathy and compassion in a diverse society like Nigeria, where there are multiple expressions of religious, cultural, social and economic identities. 

Dr Ohu runs a Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) Lab at Lagos Business School, where he explores the implications of the immersive, interactive and perspective-taking characteristics of technologies like computers, mobile devices and virtual reality (VR) for character development, learning, behaviour modification, wellbeing and productivity.


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