Major Oil & Gas Companies in Nigeria

July 24, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News

The new Crested Business Directory focuses on the major oil and gas companies in Nigeria.

Some of the services provided by the oil and gas and maritime companies in Upstream, Midstream and Downstream sectors are:

Asset Evaluation & Management, Advisory, Anchor Handling, Audit & Inspection, Bulk Product Purchase, Bunker Supply, Bunkering, Victualling and Freshwater Supply, Calibration Services, Chemical Cleaning, Clearing & Forwarding, Coastal & Vessel Management, Community Management, Construction, Consultancy, Corrosion Control, Crew Management, Crew Transportation, Crude Oil Marketing, Data Scanning & Archiving, Dive Boat, Drilling and Oil Services, Drilling Fluids and Chemicals, Dry Docking & Surveys, Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Engineering and Construction, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning Services, Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR), Equipment Supply & Leasing, Exploration and Production, Fenders, Frontend Engineering, Geology and Engineering Consultancy, Geophysical Surveys, Groundwater Remediation Studies, Hazardous Waste, Heavy Equipment Supply, HSE Management, Human Resources and Outsourcing, Importation of PMS, APK, AGO and Landside Depot Management, Literage & Stevedoring, Local Content Initiatives, Lubricants, Maintenance, Marine Logistics & Offshore Supports, Marine Services, Maritime Security, Market Trend & Risk Management, Mud Engineering Tools, Offshore Marine Security, Offshore Platform Support, Offshore Supply Vessel, Oil & Gas Trading, Oil Spill Cleanup, Oilfield Support, Pipeline Repairs, Port Agency, Procurement, Production and Drilling, Project Management, Recovery & Remediation, Refinery, Regulatory Compliance, Reservoir Management, Rig Maintenance, Risk Assessment, Rov and Robotics, Sales & Purchase of Vessels, Scientific Data Provision, Service or Filling Stations Management,  Soil Contamination Studies, Special Vessels (Cranes, Tugboats, House Boats), Structural & Earthwork fabrication, Subsea Engineering and Diver Intervention, Subsea Life of Field, Tank Farm Cleaning, Tanker Chartering & Brokerage, Training & Manpower Development, Value Added Services, Warehousing, Waterflood Design & Optimization, ETC.

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