With access to over Seven (7) Million business contacts worldwide and over Five Hundred Thousand (500,000) business contacts in Nigeria we can assist to attain your goals. We provide business information and solutions to meet specific purposes for individuals and business entities.

Aside provision of business contacts (names of companies, industries, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, websites, contact persons, etc) we pride in solving problems for:

  • Corporate Executives: Using our business information with the right people and strategy boost corporate performances.
  • Entrepreneurs: Accessing the information at our disposal to achieve desired results.
  • Investors / Business Angels: Know how, where, when and who to make the best investment decision with.
  • Marketers / Sales Professionals: Provides sales professionals with timely insights that can be used to get prospects’ attention and keep them engaged.
  • Job Applicants: Preparing and getting the dream job.
  • Policy Makers: Knowing what policy to make for specific industry and understanding the impulse of consumers.
  • Researchers: Eliminate costly research time and making the right projections through available information.
  • Individuals: Information about personal development, family matters, finance, ideas, etc.



Our strengths also extend to the provision of Value-Added-Services (VAS) to all professionals. Some of the areas that VAS would be relevant are:

Sales Leads, Business Networking, Investment Opportunities,  Decision Making, Education Advancement, Career Advancement, Job Opportunities for Unemployed, Motivational Books / Topics / Tips, Grants / Aids /Scholarships Information, Entertainments, Lifestyle, Current Affairs, Events, Technology, etc.




To benefit fully from our services, you have to register as a SUBSCRIBER or MEMBER. Thereafter, you can make any business contact/information request about any discipline.

Our subscribers can request for any business contacts, business information or other problem-solving information related to Nigeria or any country worldwide (usually English speaking countries). We shall send feedback(s) through subscriber’s registered email address within 48 hrs of such request.    


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