Nigeria At 60: Which Way Nigeria?

October 1, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Business News

October 1st 1960 was declared as Nigeria’s Independence Day; it has been accepted and set aside as a day to celebrate the nation’s independence from her colonial master, the British. From three (3) regions to thirty-six (36) states, from one television station to over one hundred (100) television stations, from one university to over one hundred and seventy (170) universities, from less than ten (10) billionaires to over one thousand (1000) billionaires (in Naira), such are some of the growth and developments in Nigeria between 1960 to 2020.

When compared with committee of nations that possess the kind of human and natural potentials that exist in the country, Nigeria can only be classified as a third world or developing nation. We might have identified some growth, but the most obvious growth is in our population and graft/corruption. As we mark Nigeria’s 60th anniversary, our expectation is to begin to see geometric growth in infrastructure, agriculture, technology and human capacity.

In year 2030 when Nigeria will be Seventy (70), we hope, wish and pray that she would have become the Singapore, UAE and Canada of Africa.


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