Promo Offer

This is a one-off promo offer for a month in the Year 2021.

Take advantage of the massive discount available to our clients and prospects.

Get one-month online access to contact details of top individuals and top companies with N20,000 instead of N150,000.

onyourpalm compendium promo

The information in the OnYourPalm Compendium include:

1.— 250 C-Level/HNIs/UHNIs personal email addresses (Personal Name, Designation/Position, Company Name and Email Address).
2.— 250 C-Level/HNIs/UHNIs personal phone numbers (Personal Name, Designation/Position, Company Name and Phone Number).
3.— 1,000 Top Companies on the Island Axis — that is Ikoyi, Victoria Island, Lagos Island and Lekki (Company Name, Contact Address, Email Address, Phone Number, Website and Industr of the companies).
4.— 2, 000 C-Level Executives/HNIs/UHNIs (Personal Name, Designation/Position and Company Name).


This offer is strictly for individuals and companies that provide services and products to high networth individuals (HNIs), ultra-high networth individuals (UHNIs) and C-Level Executives (such as CEOs, MDs, Chairman, Founders, COOs, CFOs, EDs, GMs, DGMs, AGMs and other head of departments in top companies).

Please Note:

OnYourPalm Compendium is a secured and encrypted eDocument or eBusiness-book readable only on Adobe Digital Reader (Adobe Digital Editions). Adobe Digital Reader (Adobe Digital Editions) is a popular ebook reader downloadable on Google Playstore or Apple iStore.


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